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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Last of the Red Hot Rollouts

The two short story collections complete the rollout of my fiction backlist under Orion's Gateway imprint. You can find the full list of 14 titles on the Gateway author page here.

From the introduction to Out of his Mind, by Brian Clemens:

“These stories are varied and imaginative, each with a fascinating premise. They take you by the hand and lead you through Steve’s uniquely angled take on the world . . . often embodying stunning twists and featuring real stings in the tail. In one, Steve slips into the head of a recalcitrant driver with terrifying accuracy, and then, in another, he moves just as smoothly into the minds of pubescent boys, with all their fantasies and cruelties. It’s always controlled in masterly fashion and while his characters may occasionally be unable to see the truth their creator always does.”

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

New Release: The Spirit Box

The Orion Gateway release for May 7th:

“The finest British writer of bestselling popular fiction since le Carré … Gallagher, like le Carré , is a novelist whose themes seem to reflect something of the essence of our times, whose skill lies in embedding those themes in accessible plots.”—The Independent 

Rachel's in trouble. She's a ticking bomb. A couple of co-workers bullied her into stealing a radical new drug from their employer, and now it's lodged inside her. They're watching her like hawks and her time's running out. John Bishop runs security for the company; as a father who once lost a teenaged daughter to an accidental overdose, his drive to hunt down the thieves and rescue their victim grows more intense with every lost minute. He can never bring his own child back. But he can save someone else's. Then his superiors realise that if the swallowed package bursts and Rachel dies, their secrets are kept safe and their problem goes away. Though Bishop's on the trail, he's an easy man to cut loose and discredit. But now he's Rachel's only hope. 

Gallagher's hardboiled style is pitch-perfect for the tale's grim events, but he leavens it with dislocating moments of powerful emotion that draw the reader irresistibly to the characters. The novel packs a wallop that should make an impact on fans of both suspense and horror fiction.—Publishers' Weekly 

“Stephen Gallagher has carved a highly individual niche with his distinctly psychological approach to the genre.”—Yorkshire Evening Post 

“His prose is clear and diamond-sharp, his imagination dark and vivid... a terrifying walk along the edge of nightmare.”—Time Out 

“One of Britain's most exciting writers of literate, nerve-shredding thrillers.”—Starburst 

“Perhaps the finest contemporary British thriller writer.”—GQ 

“Gallagher has quietly become Britain's finest popular novelist, working a dark seam between horror and the psychological thriller.”—Arena 

Friday, 3 May 2019

The Brooligan Press - Current and Forthcoming

Our paperback range. Book details and links at www.brooligan.com.

If it's there, it's current. In the case of Ferocity - first publication in the UK - it's forthcoming.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

White Bizango

This week's release on the Orion Gateway ebook list:

A new kind of predator is on the loose. When the middle classes began to adopt vodoun as a lifestyle fad, their doors were opened to a ruthless white male with a command of the religion’s darker practical secrets.

Rescued from the morgue and a bizarre and unpleasant end, Louisiana detective John Lafcadio owes his life to the Cult Crime Co-ordinators. Known also as the Voodoo Cops, their job is to dispel superstition and nail crimes of ignorance.

But how do you hunt down a killer whose victims are also his protectors?

And how can Lafcadio hope to identify a man whose eyes he once stared into, but whose face he can’t remember?

“Fast-paced, beautifully crafted, sinister, funny and cold… …unhesitatingly recommended”—Infinity Plus  

"There is no doubting the tension that is built up across the events of White Bizango, and I defy any reader not to feel compelled to read on when confronted with chapter endings that expertly throw out new information, create new plot puzzles and introduce new levels of threat”—Matt Hills, Interzone 

 “His work has that kind of beat and boogie that only writers of character and style have. He plots well. But his strength is in the purity of his storytelling and in the development of his characters… Man, this book is easy to read, and it’s wonderful”—Joe R Lansdale

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

The Painted Bride

The Painted Bride is the latest backlist release under Orion Publishing's Gateway imprint, available on various ebook platforms here.

“Stephen Gallagher’s tense melodrama is spun from the mysterious disappearance of auto dealer Frank Tanner’s wife Carol, the stalled police investigation into Frank’s possible guilt—and the complications ensuing from the obsessive actions of Carol’s burnt-out, former drug-taking younger sister Molly, who knows Frank did away with his wife, and devotes her dwindling energies to protecting the children now in his care and bringing him to justice.”—The Washington Post

 “Cold-blooded murders follow in the race to the climax. Chalk up another winner—brief, merciless and punchy—for Gallagher.” —Publishers’ Weekly

Also in paperback, available here:

Chimera ARC Prize Draw

The random retweet picker has laid its blessing on Kulvinder Gill and Øddli, God of Snacks for the CHIMERA paperback ARCs.

They'll be sent out as soon as the address details are in via Twitter DM.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Easter Promotion

Orion's takeover of the backlist has diverted me from banging the drum for the historical novels, but now's my chance to correct that. Here's an ebook promotion for the coming Easter weekend:

On Friday April 19th (Good Friday), for ONE DAY ONLY,  the Melody James novella will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Then on Saturday 20th the ebook price of The Authentic William James will drop from £5.75 to £0.99.

At 1pm on Sunday 21st, Easter Sunday, the price will rise to £1.99.

On Easter Monday it will rise again, to £2.99, finally returning to the regular price on Wednesday the 24th.

And details of all Brooligan Press titles can be found at www.brooligan.com.

Talking Point: Chimera

My pal and sometime collaborator Malcolm Brown was sorting out some old VHS tapes and came across this, an off-air recording of an ITN News studio discussion between Dr Bob Williamson and me. John Suchet was in the chair. The year was 1990 and the occasion was the screening of my ITV miniseries based on the novel.

We talked about my culpability or otherwise in sensationalising emergent gene therapy and I pled guilty, but with purpose. In a three-decades-on esprit d'escalier what I might have concluded was that we both wanted the same thing - Bob didn't want to see his science abused, and neither did I. Lively though it was, it was a discussion without acrimony and I believe we parted on good terms.

I was subsequently asked to argue the case again, in an event organised by the Wellcome Trust; there the post-event discussion in the hotel bar would lead, eventually, to the creation of pro-science drama Eleventh Hour.

I'd never seen the clip before. Didn't want to know how much of a dork I might seem on TV.

But I don't care what anybody says, I had GREAT HAIR.

(Apologies for the sound. If a better clip emerges, I'll switch it in)

Friday, 22 February 2019

Gollancz Gateway

I'm happy to announce that the good folk at Orion Publishing have acquired my ebook backlist for their Gateway imprint, with title releases taking place over the next few weeks. It's a move that will considerably widen availability across platforms beyond Amazon to include Apple, Google Books, and Kobo.

You can find all the titles listed with their respective release dates on the Gateway author page here.

First up, these two:

And March 2019 will also see publication of the Brooligan Press paperback edition of Chimera. More details and a link soon, but for now, here's a preview:

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Casting the Runes: Sci-Fi Bulletin Review

"The original was chilling enough; what’s done with it here ratchets that up considerably. 10/10"