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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Step Aside, Mister Bond

If ever you needed someone to save the world, I was your guy.

Mind you, I was only nine at the time.

I think it was an ad in one of the Man from Uncle tie-in novels that gave an address where you could write in and be recruited as an UNCLE agent. The card arrived about three weeks later in a small brown envelope. I believe that MI5 operate in a similar way today.

I might have had more confidence in the world's prospects for international security if the office person responsible had managed to spell my name right.

There was no end to my talents back then. I was licensed to fly Supercar, as well.


Wyndham said...

You wouldn't have beaten me with my 2000AD biotronic stuck to my arm.

Stephen Gallagher said...

Dang. And all I have to respond with is my black Zorro sword with the little piece of chalk in the end for making Z's on the wall.

Michael said...

I found my Tufty Club card a while back - does that come anywhere close? Mind you, if you've been initiated, Stephen, can you work on making this available for Region 2 please?


Stephen Gallagher said...

You know what'll happen - if they release it for region 2 it'll be in a reduced version of the cool packaging, like they did with the Blade Runner set last Christmas.

Far be it from me to suggest that you just buy it from Amazon and switch off your player's region coding...

Gail Renard said...

You've blown cover, Stephen! As a fellow Uncle agent I'll have to... oh what a giveaway!

But I'm proud to say I still have my Famous Five Fan Club badge and card which impressed the cast and crew no end when I wrote the F5 telly series years later.

Can I also comment that whereas the Man From Uncle was sublime, the Girl From Uncle was rubbish. We didn't have any great role models in those days, unless you count George who cross-dressed which was scary.

Stephen Gallagher said...

Yeah but yeah but yeah but... Stephanie Powers.

So Emma Peel was just a guy thing, then?

Gail Renard said...

Mrs Peel, please forgive me! How could I have forgotten Emma, my heroine to this day? I still kick open doors in memory of her.

But I do resent there were no women in Bonanza who weren't guesting and killed at the end of every episode, or High Chaparrel where Victoria never got to ride the range. It's a wonder that Adam, Hoss and Little Joe got conceived.