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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Forgotten

We have a promo online, though I'm told that for the moment it won't play outside the US; if anyone comes across a live international link, please let me know.

UPDATE: With thanks to Hoppy Uniatz, I've replaced the link with one that should play worldwide.

The previous version, which offers higher resolution, is still available here.


luvinx said...

Looks good, Stephen! I can't wait to start watching each week.

The only thing missing in the promo?
"....from executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who brought you CSI and Cold Case....and the very brilliant Eleventh Hour...."

luvinx said...
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Anonymous said...

Who wrote "Without a Who is it, there's no whodunnit"? Cheesy, but genius.

Can't wait to start watching.

Hey why dont you fly up and we'll have a party for the first episode.

Or are you Hollywood types doing that already?

ElleTolentino said...

I can't wait to watch... The promo!!! I don't know why we can't watch outside the U.S.

Still, I'll find a way to watch the first episode :)

Ian Dickerson said...

Dunno if it's the same one but there's a promo here which works for me; http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xa7o5i_the-forgotten-series-premiere-promo_shortfilms

jula meadows said...

Bring it on (to the UK at some point, hopefully)

Good Dog said...

Ah, that's more like it. (Flippin' YouTube and their region restrictions).

This does look rather keen. I like a good procedural with a twist. Hopefully Five will pick it up.