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Thursday 25 November 2010

Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy

I don't often do this, but there's an insane price for the complete Laurel and Hardy collection on Amazon right now; the boxed set originally retailed around two hundred quid. It includes foreign-language versions of some of the shorts made for export, with different supporting casts and, in some cases, extra routines and material.

Plus, these are the decently-mastered DVDs; there's plenty of L&H material out there, but with little guide to the quality of what you'll get.


Robin Kelly said...

Thank you very much for this heads up.

AFGreenwood said...

There are a couple of comments on Amazon;
firstly a big warning label says it has been withdrawn from sale by Amazon for review because of a customer complaint, and then one of the reviews warns that although it is the complete set of disks it is the £99 version with no booklets rather than the £199 uber version. the picture quality is said to be excellent by those who have received it.

Stephen Gallagher said...

Thanks for that... I've amended the main article to include the info.