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Wednesday 19 September 2007

Second Variety

Well, it's out now. Here's the stop-press email from Variety.com:

Following a fierce bidding war, CBS has beat out ABC for the rights to a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced adaptation of Brit thriller Eleventh Hour.

Eye has committed to at least a pilot, with a hefty seven-figure penalty attached if the Warner Bros/Granada project - which remains untitled in the States - doesn't move forward. Reports from people familiar with the situation suggest that CBS may have agreed to as much as a 13-episode on-air commitment, but the Eye is denying it's stepped up to that level.

Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman are set to exec produce the untitled adaptation of Eleventh Hour.

Eleventh Hour aired as a four-part miniseries in Blighty last year, with Patrick Stewart starring. Thesp played Professor Alan Hood, who's called in by the government to investigate mysterious cases that involve matters of science - from cloning to global warming. U.S. adaptation is said to have a tone similar to The X-Files.


Lee said...

Crikey, this is all over the blogs this morning. Nice one, Stephen.

jula meadows said...

Ker-ching! :-)

James Moran said...

Congratulations! Will be you involved at all, or are you letting them do their thing?

Stephen Melling said...

Great stuff.

Piers said...

Congratulations here too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

And I'd like to second James' request for info on if and how you're going to be involved, if that doesn't blow a hole in your NDA.

Stephen Gallagher said...

Thanks, all... I don't have the full picture myself yet, so I'll probably play safe and just stick to posting what's already been made public until I can add to it with certainty.