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Thursday 31 July 2008

The Kingdom of Bones

Here's an advance look at the paperback cover.

Launch date is September 9th, 2008, and it's available for preorder now, should you be so inclined.

More info about it on the Random House website here.

To tie in with publication I'll be putting online a free novella, In Gethsemane, for a limited period.

In Gethsemane was originally published in Peter Crowther's Heaven Sent anthology, and was included in my first collection of short fiction. It's the story of a Spiritualist and a stage magician, opponents who travel together and debate their positions nightly on the small-town lecture circuit in the years after the Great War.

I'll add it to www.thekingdomofbones.com and post details when it's up.


Gail Renard said...

Firstly, Stephen, I wish you only luck and joy with the new paperback edition of your book. Now let's get down to basics:

You're far too talented, prolific and successful. I like to think I work hard but every time I turn around you've got a new book/ novella/ British telly series/ American TV series/ show on ice coming out. Do you work round the clock or have you put on extra men?
I was going to have a word with the Monopolies Commission about you but, by definition, they're a monopoly too. Damn!

Stephen Gallagher said...

What you see is the triumph of persistence over talent. I mean, by one scale I'm way ahead of Harper Lee, who only managed one novel in her entire career.

However, that one novel was To Kill a Mockingbird...

(btw, who blabbed about the show on ice?)

Gail Renard said...

An interesting subject, that, one hit wonders. Another classic which springs to mind is Gone With The Wind. That took Margaret Mitchell some 10 years to write and then before she could write anything else, tragically she was hit by a car. Any other examples? Not of writers dying tragically; I'm uncomfortable with that subject.